The Trained Staff
We have an extremely talented, young group of well trained teachers who have a lot of compassion and natural love for children. They believe that, every child is important and is nurtured according to his/her developmental needs.
The Curriculum
Children learn by doing and exploring. Our curriculum is uniquely designed to develop their writing and reading skills. We create a loving bond between teacher and child for better learning.
Parents Corner
It is joy to know a little more about your child, and we make that possible. You can check updates, monitor your child growth, share your views, jump in joy, make a networking all this and lot more is possible at parent's meet.

About Prelude Playschool - Indirapuram

Prelude Playschool in Indirapuram - is a brain child of Jugalbandi Studios, is an unique conceptual play school where learning is based on participation. It is totally activity based learning where infants learn and grow with music, dance and drama techniques.

  • Each child is given equal priority and we assure the safety as in their mother's hand.
  • Children are nurtured in a loving and caring environment, which helps in easing them smoothly into the normal routine of school.
  • We stimulate the child imagination and imparting them with life skills in a music loving atmosphere for their all round development.
More About Us

Hi,I am proud parent of Jugalbandi studios,my daughter have learnt guitar and participated in world culture festival and now after only five months of learning she is going to perform in Kamani auditorium.I will suggest you to enroll in Prelude play school.
Mrs. Rashmi Sharma
m/o Pinki Sharma

Our center provides the following services

Parental Involvement

We consider it really important to involve the parents in child's education process. We are always open to new ideas & ensure that parents are kept fully informed about events in school and the progress of their child.

Writing & reading readiness programme

Reading is the foundation of all learning. We have a range of exciting activities to help children acquire pre-reading and writing skills.

Toys and Games

Prelude prides itself on providing a holistic and wholesome environment for its students. Our center is well stocked with safe and accredited play items.

Creative Arts

A complete set of art-material is at the child's disposal - playdough, paints, crayons, pastels, papers. Kids spend their time drawing, colouring and painting with their peers and teachers to explore their artistic talents here.

Music and Dance

Enthusiastic, lively teachers with Music and dance helps the child to improve the listening abilities and the development of language and Vocabulary skills.

Physical Activity

Since Children learn best through direct experiences,We make the children indulge in different games & physical activities with an appreciation of nature and the feel of seasonal changes occurring around them.

We are Prelude
Play School

At Prelude Playschool - Indirapuram, we make children happy! We create activities for laughter, love and learning by providing quality child care.

Testimonials Prelude
Play School

At Prelude Playschool - Indirapuram, we make children happy! We create activities for laughter, love and learning by providing quality child care.

Admissions are open for session 2024-25.

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